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Randi GreenWhen I was diagnosed with PCOS at 27, I had never even heard of the condition before, let alone did I have any idea about how to handle my symptoms. My period had vanished for months, I’d regularly end up doubled over due to excruciating pain in my abdomen, and I just wanted to cry all of the time.

I finally found a doctor who did a sonogram and correctly diagnosed me, and while there was a sense in relief knowing what was causing my ailments, a wave of incomprehension, fear, and anxiety washed over me. How could this happen to me so young? What do I do now?

My doctor advised me it was unlikely I’d ever get pregnant, handed me a pamphlet with the laundry list of PCOS symptoms, and sent me on my way.

I was left in the dark to figure out what was causing my PCOS, but more importantly, how to treat it.

I had been dating my boyfriend, now husband, for 1 year, and we were at the point when we were talking about marriage and kids. I almost felt as if my womanhood had been taken away from me, and the idea of being infertile was devastating.

I had no support, and like you may be feeling now, I felt sad and alone. I decided to take matters into my own hands to see if there was anything I could do to at least get rid of the pain. I enrolled in a holistic nutrition program, drastically changed my diet and lifestyle, and within 6 months, I was a new woman.

By changing my diet,

my period came back, and regularly. I was no longer in pain from ovarian cysts bursting; my mood had stabilized; and at my 6-month checkup, my doctor couldn’t believe it: I went from having more cysts than she’d ever seen, to having none that she could detect. My ovaries went back to normal size, and I began ovulating on my own again.

And, to my delight, I was soon able to give birth naturally to not one, but two precious little boys.

After watching my own symptoms go dormant by changing my diet and lifestyle, I vowed to dedicate my life to helping other women find freedom from PCOS.

After completing nutrition school, I opened a private practice in a medical office in Manhattan, and eventually Westchester, as well.

While PCOS can’t be cured, for the past 15 years, I have been living symptom free and have guided thousands of women to live symptom-free, too.

If you’re feeling hopeless right now, rest assured you’re in the right place to find comfort, support, and hope. Through my personalized PCOS diet plans and counseling, you can start to understand how to use food and lifestyle choices to get your PCOS symptoms under control.

I look forward to helping you find freedom from PCOS.

“I would consider Randi an expert in blood sugar and hormone stabilization, and without any hesitation would highly recommend her to any practice. Randi exhibits an abundance of unique qualities that cannot be taught and can only be obtained through natural instinct and commitment to her work.
Her strength is to think outside the box and individualize the necessary treatments in order to achieve the desired results. Randi will not only serve your patients with the utmost respect and care, but under her guidance you will see a dramatic improvement in their well-being.”

-Dr. Arthur Spokojny, NYC


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*There is no cure for PCOS, but controlling it lowers your risks of infertilitymiscarriagesdiabetes, heart disease, and uterine cancer. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, weight control, and not smoking are all important parts of treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). – WebMD