Freedom from PCOS


Find freedom from PCOS through my proven, customized, step-by-step approach to mitigating and reversing PCOS symptoms through food and lifestyle changes.

With over 15 years experience working with women who suffer from PCOS, including myself, I deeply understand your PCOS concerns, including:

  • Painful or non-existent periods
  • Painful cysts on your ovaries
  • Stubborn weight that wont budge
  • Fatigue that no one understands
  • Facial hair that’s too embarrassing to mention to your doctor
  • Fear of not being able to conceive naturally
  • Painful cystic acne that makes you not want to leave the house
  • Thinning hair that leaves you self-conscious
  • Mood swings that feel like depression
  • Feeling scared and hopeless

Take back your life and conquer these issues with my personalized PCOS Diet Plan and coaching.

No two women receive the same protocol. Your plan is customized based on your unique body and needs. We’ll work together to balance your hormones and blood sugar through diet and lifestyle changes, which in turn, may alleviate the PCOS symptoms listed above.

Most clients find relief in about 8 weeks or less.

Please fill out my PCOS questionnaire and schedule a free 10 minute consultation here.

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Randi is the Nutrition Counselor at New York Fertility Services.