Freedom from PCOS



I am a busy fashion buyer who loves cooking healthy meals for myself. I could never understand why I was unable to see more results from my diet and exercise regime. I did not know my meals were lacking a PCOS-friendly focus. My PCOS symptoms were lack of energy and cystic acne, and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year.

After 6 sessions of working with Randi my skin looked beautiful-no more complaints of painful cystic acne, increased energy, and feeling the best I had ever felt. We continued to work on a PCOS-friendly diet to improve my egg quality, and as a result, I was able to conceive naturally.

“I would not have this little angel inside me without Randi’s help.”

Nicole M. | Fashion Buyer | New York, NY

Randi has helped me combat my PCOS symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, irregular periods, and hair growth. Randi was so great and supportive throughout the course of the months. She helped me stay on track as my periods became more regular and I gained more energy. I owe all this to Randi and her Happy Healing PCOS program!

“I finally have regular periods.”

Aarti G. | Pilates Instructor | New York, NY

I was referred to Randi by Dr. Batzofin in NYC. I was skeptical after working with other nutritionists who did not have a deep understanding of PCOS because I did not see any results with them.

Randi reassured me she herself suffered from PCOS and she understands each symptom this complex disease can portray. I was suffering from irregular periods, very bad cramps, headaches, lack of energy, weight issues, constipation, frequent night waking, hypoglycemia and very high insulin levels.

In only 6 sessions, I now have regular periods, improved energy, lost weight and no longer suffers from hypoglycemia. As a result of my improved diet and lifestyle, my insulin levels on my blood work have dropped dramatically. I am thrilled with my results and now have a deep understanding of how diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role in reducing PCOS.

“I finally have regular periods and more energy, thank you.”

Sascha Z. | RN Client Service Manager | Westchester, NY

I was referred to Randi by my doctor because of her expertise in PCOS. I was suffering from PCOS symptoms and trying to get pregnant. After meeting with Randi I was able to get a better understanding of how my hormones were affecting my PCOS. After following Ranid’s PCOS-friendly diet plan, I was able to conceive. I now have a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

“I can’t believe how simple it is to eat PCOS friendly!”

Hallie L. | Chef and Stay at Home Mom | New York, NY

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have had trouble with my weight since my teenage years. I have worked with nutritionists in the past, but they never took the time to customize a plan for my needs, and I always quit in the end. I always felt hungry and unsatisfied on the plans I was given.

I was referred to Randi by my midwife when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was hesitant to start with yet another nutritionist because of my past bad experiences. However, when I started testing my blood sugar it became clear that I would need some help reducing my fasting levels in the morning. My endocrinologist threatened to put me on insulin.

My first session with Randi was life changing. One simple tip to take out the glass of cow’s milk I was drinking at night completely changed my fasting levels. I have been working with Randi ever since and my blood sugar levels are amazing. Even the doctor who threatened to put me on insulin has changed her tune and is now “so proud of how well I have done”.

There are so many great things about Randi. She really cares about me and what I need to succeed. She wants me to still able to eat delicious food and feel satisfied. For the first time in my life I feel like I found a way to eat that will help my health, but also keep me motivated because I enjoy the food I am eating. I am confident I can continue eating this way after this pregnancy. I believe that Randi will help me get to a healthy weight without starving myself. I also believe she will help me get my PCOS dormant.  What more can you ask for in a nutritionist? My only regret is that I didn’t mean Randi sooner.

“My first session with Randi was life changing.”

Michele M. | Finance Manager | Westchester, NY

I work and live on a beautiful farm upstate. I have a wonderful fulling life with my husband and dogs, however I am very tired, have a hard time falling and staying asleep, excessive weight gain, painful clotting during my cycle, cyst on my ovaries, hot flashes and night sweats.

I was referred to Randi by Dr. Batzofin because of her expertise in PCOS and her own struggles with PCOS. I am so thankful for this referral! After a few sessions I was amazed to see my clothes were starting to fit better without feeling hungry, my hot flashes and night sweats were gone, I finally had energy to spend time on the farm, my painful clotting during my cycle was finally gone, and my cysts were gone.

I lost a total of 30 pounds which I had been struggling with for years, until I found Randi’s PCOS friendly diet plan. I now feel like a beautiful. healthy person and now understand the importance of following a PCOS-friendly diet.

“My doctors can’t believe that my cysts are gone. Thank you!”

Samantha G.| Farm Manager | Upstate NY

I could never have imagined that in only 6 sessions I could accomplish this much with my PCOS–I feel so much better!

I lost a pants size so finally my clothes fit comfortably again. I started ovulating on my own, have regular periods, and less clotting during my cycle. My digestion is regular–no more constipation. I don’t get night sweats or hot flashes anymore, and my libido is finally back.

I realized that this is how a normal woman should feel.  I no longer feel sorry for myself for being diagnosed with PCOS. I feel liberated knowing that I can control it.

“Feeling like a normal woman again is worth committing to this PCOS diet plan!”

Denny F. | AR Specialist | New York, NY