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PCOS-Friendly Pancakes

PCOS-Friendly Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes on Sunday mornings?

Unfortunately, traditional pancakes mixes and recipes are carb-laden and full of sugar, two things we don’t want in our PCOS-friendly diet.

One of my favorite pancakes mixes is from New Hope Mills. It’s low carb, low sugar, and full of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Instead of maple syrup oreven worse—artificially flavored pancake syrup, stir in some blueberries, cacao nibs (or both!) for extra flavor and sweetness.

Enjoy these PCOS-friendly pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of warm, decaf Chai tea and know that you’re eating a nutritious breakfast that will help you better manage your PCOS symptoms.

I hope this post has inspired you to start seeking freedom from your PCOS symptoms and learn that eating a PCOS-friendly diet doesn’t have to be hard.

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